1. Inspect

One of our certified estimators will deliver a no-obligation inspection of your roof and gutter systems. It is important that each property owner is educated in the insurance process and has clear and realistic expectations from the start. Nobody likes surprises! Your Core Contractors estimator will take as much time as is required to translate your insurance paperwork into layman’s terms and explain how it works. He or she will be your primary point of contact every step of the way.

2. Adjust

This is the most critical and technical step in the process. Core Contractors partners with each property owner for their on-site inspection with their insurance company. We know what to look for and what it takes to make things right. We estimate the damage utilizing the same estimating software your insurance company uses. By “speaking the same language” as the insurance company, Core insures that no detail goes overlooked. READ MORE



When it comes to assessing hail damage to roofs and gutter systems, many homeowners don’t realize the extent of their problems until it’s too late. It’s vital to respond to hail damage in a timely manner because under most state laws, insurance companies only cover relevant damage claims made within one year of the storm date. After that, insurance companies only reimburse a portion of the total cost, or worse yet, you become liable for all costs. Hail damage to roofs, particularly asphalt shingles, can cause soft spots or bruising, compromising the structure of the shingle. This damage may be impossible to notice unless carefully inspected.