At Core Contractors, Roofing Services our commitment to excellence goes beyond just the physical labor involved in a Denver roofing job. We are also here as insurance allies, with account managers on staff that are dedicated to helping our Denver clients navigate the often-confusing claims process. After almost 20 years in the Denver roofing business, we have worked with many different carriers and seen all kinds of policies, so we can help ensure that your property insurer extends the proper coverage.

Making Sure Denver Insurance Adjusters Do Proper Inspection

When dealing with damage to a roof or the need for roof contracting services, many property owners in Denver will try to bill through insurance to minimize the expenses on their part. This is only in a perfect world, however, because most insurance companies make it difficult to receive full coverage, but Core Contractors is here to make sure our roofing services are covered to the maximum extent of your policy.

When the adjuster from your insurance company comes to your Denver property to conduct an inspection, we will be onsite to oversee the process and hold them accountable during their estimation. Our roofing experts will make sure the adjuster examines all roofing materials, gutters, pipes, flashing, and notes all damages, assuring the adjuster also recognizes said damages as functional damages so that they are not excluded from coverage. Everything will be heavily photographed and documented at the Denver property to make reviewing what should be included in your claim as straightforward as possible.

A Middleman Between Insurance Carriers and Our Denver Clients

Our commitment to customer service doesn’t stop once the adjuster leaves a Denver property, because the insurance process is just getting started. We will be there every step of the way, acting as an advocate for Denver clients during negotiations with insurance carriers regarding what will be covered. Once an agreement has been made, we will handle contacting them to secure supplemental service coverage for any additional issues that may pop up. We work hard to fight for coverage and maintain communication so that our Denver customers are not left with any unforeseen expenses.

Call Us Today for Roofing Services and Insurance Help in Denver

If you’re in need of roofing services atop your Denver property, make sure to have Core Contractors on board before you start dealing with insurance. We have experts on our Denver staff that know the in’s and out’s of what is covered as far as roofing for property insurance policies, and work directly with adjusters and carriers on our clients’ behalves. We are here as an insurance ally to make sure roofing repairs and replacements are covered, so call our Denver office today before you contact your insurance agency about a roofing claim!